In the shadow of the tree

that loves me

I waited for the one

who never  loved me

i searched the one

from the passers by

But never matched

the one i searched

the tree gave me a fruit

with many seeds that

leaves a lovely message

But…..i threw it away

without opening

i waited the one

without any hope but with

aburning sigh

I never found the one

till my dawn


Best friend

I do, I search for her
Many I saw but
Never I saw me in anyone
Many I had but
They were not the one I wanteist2_2865698_teddy_bear_11.jpgd
I noticed many,
But yes! then I noticed
The one as same as me
She walked like me
She dressed like me
She played with me
Everywhere I go
She came along me
I shared my secrets
She told her regrets
I made her laugh
She made me understand
I love her ,I like her
She is none other than


With the waves of the ocean
I wandered  like the wind
O’ Carry to oh! my dear
The one I wept for…..
Oh! the winds of monsoon
Do you hear me Oh!
Oh! moon reach up the message
The cool hot message
To my dear….
through the seven islands
Through the seven seas
Reach my message up-to my dear
Carry oh! the lovely message
to the one to the one
I ever ever ever loved

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